What Fantasy Football Can Teach Us About Hiring

By Vincent Michelino, written for HR Insights   As the beginning of autumn draws closer and the NFL preseason begins, fantasy football managers across the country begin their comprehensive draft preparation. It’s common practice at this point to begin scouring through hundreds of player profiles and projections, engaging in several mock drafts, and exhausting every… Read more »

Tips to Develop a Positive Work Culture

It’s a common misconception that cut-throat, high pressure, competition-rich work environments drive financial success. Research shows that workplace stress can be a result of the high pressure environment and will lead to an increase in healthcare expenditures and resignations. Positive work cultures are proven to inspire creativity, productivity, and overall better team-building. In order to… Read more »

Top 5 Soft Skills & How to Evaluate Them Before Hire

It’s important to find the right candidate to fit the role as well as the company’s culture. It’s not only about the candidate’s personality and technical skills, but their soft skills are a very important aspect in determining whether the candidate will fit in within your company. Behavioral prompts and questions are designed and used… Read more »

The Top 5 Candidate Complaints about the Hiring Process

BY SHARLYN LAUBY, written for HR Insights As the labor market continues to become more competitive, companies are shifting their focus to the candidate experience. Organizations have always placed importance on their employment brand and what job seekers think about the business. However, it’s clear that today’s candidates have options, and companies need to step… Read more »

Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and better yet, recognized for their hard work. When you recognize your employees and show your appreciation for their hard work, productivity increases and your reputation as an employer improves. Also, companies who recognize their employees experience a lower turnover rate. Here are some awesome ways to show your appreciation… Read more »

Internal or Agency Recruiting?

The difference between in-house and staffing agency recruiting. Let’s start with a story. One of our recruiters, Kandace, took on a client who needed to fill a top management position. After talking with the client and discussing the position and their requirements, she set out to find someone to fit the description provided by the… Read more »

Employers: when should you consult a staffing agency?

With the economy growing and the unemployment rate slowly diminishing, finding quality people to hire is getting more difficult. Hiring employees can be a hit or miss. You might even have a job posting up for several months before you receive a good candidate. In most cases, it’s in your best interest to hire through… Read more »

3 Things Candidates Really Want to Know about Your Company

Whether they are very interested or unsure about the opportunity to work for your company, most candidates have an impression about your company before the initial interview. Nowadays, candidates have resources, like Glassdoor, to be able to research your company before they even meet you. For this reason, it’s important to “sell” your company. Explain… Read more »

How to {RETAIN} your Best Employees

In the constant search for talent, don’t forget about the potential in your own organization. You might be overlooking talented individuals that are already in your company and these employees might be searching for other better-looking opportunities. Uncover the potential and motivate your employees. With these tips, you’ll not only minimize resignation letters, but you… Read more »