3 Things Candidates Really Want to Know about Your Company

Whether they are very interested or unsure about the opportunity to work for your company, most candidates have an impression about your company before the initial interview. Nowadays, candidates have resources, like Glassdoor, to be able to research your company before they even meet you.

For this reason, it’s important to “sell” your company. Explain how this opportunity can boost their career and employment goals, but also detail the following things that candidates really want to know about your company’s practices:

Work/Life Balance

Employees want to be treated like people, not just workers. Show how the company cares about their employees and accommodates personal commitments, such as offering flexible hours, maternity/paternity leave or work-from-home options.

Room for Growth

In today’s job market, candidates are looking for growth opportunities. They look for positions that have space to move up within the company or provide opportunities for professional development, such as training courses.

Competitive Lead

Showcase what makes working for your company better than working for others in your field. Explain how candidates can benefit from working for your company besides the professional growth. Benefits are not just about healthcare or retirement packages. Whether it’s a casual dress code or monthly company outings, talking about these extra benefits can help promote the company culture.


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