Interview Tips: 5 Things to Research for your next Interview

Rehearsing your answers to basic interview questions and developing questions to ask for your interview is very important. However, doing research on the organization before the interview is your “ace in the hole.” When you do research, you gain further insight in what the company needs, so you can better articulate how you fit in… Read more »

Resume Tip: Turn Your Job Duties into Accomplishments

The resume and cover letter are your keys to gaining an interview, so it’s very important to make sure you persuade the hiring manager to give you the time of day. The best way to persuade a hiring manager is by describing your accomplishments at your previous jobs, not your responsibilities. Difference between Accomplishment &… Read more »

8 Unconventional Qualities to Find in New Hires

Everyone is looking for those cliché traits to describe their ideal candidates (i.e. go-getter mentality). They’re nothing special and the result is a recipe for average candidates. Don’t work off of the same wish list as every company and look for these traits in your candidates 1.    Listening Skills It’s an overlooked and very important… Read more »

Create your own personal brand- 5 Quick Tips

When you think of brand, you might think of your favorite brand of clothes, food, or even technology. However, a brand is more than that. It can be anything… a symbol, name, reputation, tone, or even an emotion. Job seekers and other professionals can learn from “brands” because they are recognizable and separate themselves from… Read more »

Ways to Develop Employees to Reach their Potential

Going through the recruitment and hiring processes are time-consuming and stressful enough. You want to make sure your employees stay with your company. High turnover also doesn’t look good on you as an employer. This is why it’s very important to keep your employees engaged and further develop their skills, so they can take on… Read more »

Get Noticed in a Sea of Applicants… With a Rock Solid Cover Letter

Food for thought: a typical hiring manager will receive on average 50 resumes and cover letters per job posting. When it comes to standing out in this crowd, you have to go beyond the basic resume and cover letter template that you can find online. Here are some tips to complement your resume and showcase… Read more »

Tips to Develop a Positive Work Culture

It’s a common misconception that cut-throat, high pressure, competition-rich work environments drive financial success. Research shows that workplace stress can be a result of the high pressure environment and will lead to an increase in healthcare expenditures and resignations. Positive work cultures are proven to inspire creativity, productivity, and overall better team-building. In order to… Read more »

Building a Successful Road Map for New Hires

For most people, achievement is relative: they don’t think they’ve achieved something until they believe they’ve reached their potential. To feel truly successful in a new role, they need to have a clear picture of where they are—and where they can go. So if you want your new hires to reach their potential, you need… Read more »