Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and better yet, recognized for their hard work. When you recognize your employees and show your appreciation for their hard work, productivity increases and your reputation as an employer improves. Also, companies who recognize their employees experience a lower turnover rate.

Here are some awesome ways to show your appreciation for your employees.

Be Specific with Praise

This will better reinforce behaviors that you are recognizing your employees for. For example, instead of saying “good job,” express your appreciation by specifically pointing out what they did to gain recognition.

Be Transparent

Discuss company happenings with employees. There may be things that you can’t discuss, but for the most part, this helps employees feel more involved in the company. It also helps shape the workplace into a more team-oriented environment.

Take it Out of the Office

Taking your employees out to lunch or a fun company-wide outing not only provides a great way to reward employees for good work, but also helps develop a positive work culture and promotes relationship and team-building among your staff members. Some ideas include company picnics, attending a sporting event, or participating in a volunteering activity in the community.

Give Opportunities for Growth

Many people search for personal and professional growth. Offer promotions or training opportunities to support their growth. Not only will they feel appreciated, but they will also better themselves and become better employees.

Showcase Recognition Publicly

Reward hard work in the spotlight. Share success stories during meetings or post them on social media. Utilize a section of your website for “Employee Spotlight of the Month.” This will make the employee feel appreciated as well as motivate others to strive to that achievement.

Celebrate Birthdays & Work Anniversaries (not generically)

You might already celebrate birthdays or work anniversaries in your office with a nice card signed by everyone in the office. Try something a little different. Bring everyone together in the workplace to celebrate with a half hour of socializing with treats. Try adding a personal and creative touch with a personal gift.

Award Fun Rewards

End the quarter or year with fun or silly awards. Create awards, like Team Player of the Year, and have everyone in the office vote on the most appropriate staff member for each award. Then, host a meeting or end of the year outing to announce the award winners.

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