Skills to Pay the Bills: Why Skills Matter More Than Credentials When Hiring

Article by Charles Coy, written for HR Insights  Pundits point to a dearth of skills in today’s workforce. But there’s another budding school of thought: recruiters are looking at the wrong qualifications when assessing job candidates. The classic resume—replete with GPAs and college credentials—is a thing of the past, some talent managers argue. Instead, recruiters… Read more »

Employer Tips: Advantages of Using a Recruiter

With the economy growing and the unemployment rate slowly diminishing, finding quality people to hire is getting more difficult.  You have more important things to do than sorting through resumes. Find qualified, hard-working and dedicated individuals with our help. Here’s why you should. Find Candidates Quicker! Diversified Services has over 115,000 qualified candidates in our… Read more »