Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Candidate Interviews

In an interview, you only have a certain amount of time to get to know each and every face that walks through the door. You can only do so much with resumes, cover letters, and basic interview questions. It’s the overall interaction with the candidate that you’ll be able to gain information about who they… Read more »

8 Unconventional Qualities to Find in New Hires

Everyone is looking for those cliché traits to describe their ideal candidates (i.e. go-getter mentality). They’re nothing special and the result is a recipe for average candidates. Don’t work off of the same wish list as every company and look for these traits in your candidates 1.    Listening Skills It’s an overlooked and very important… Read more »

6 Ways to Earn Respect from Your Employees

Respect is not handed down to you. Even if you are high on the organizational chart doesn’t mean that you deserve respect from your employees and colleagues. Respect is earned and too many leaders take their titles and authority for granted. As leaders in today’s trustworthy and transparent workplaces, it’s crucial that you be responsible… Read more »

5 Interview Mistakes (for the Interviewer}) to Avoid

Interviews may be centered around the candidate, but they aren’t the only ones who can make mistakes. When conducting an interview, it’s important to avoid any mistake that can compromise your judgement. Lack of Preparation Hiring managers typically are busy, but it doesn’t mean that gives you the excuse to come unprepared. Just like we… Read more »

7 Ways to Improve Employee Retention

Turnover is a common problem in workplaces. Why are employees leaving? There could be several reasons why employees leave, but here are ways for you as an employer to increase retention and make your company a place to stay. Right Employees for the Right Culture Employee happiness starts with hiring the right employees for the… Read more »

10 New Year’s Resolutions for All Managers and Employers

At the end of each year, it’s a good opportunity to reflect and do a SWOT report on every aspect of your business. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When you reflect on your progress as a business over the past year, make sure you also analyze your personal strengths and weaknesses as… Read more »

Working with a Staffing Agency: 3 Tips for Employers

Whether you’re looking for temporary employees or trying to fill a permanent slot, you’ve come to the right place. As a staffing agency, d. Diversified Services can tailor hiring solutions to fit your needs. To learn more about our services, give us a call or chat with us live, using the chat button on the… Read more »

Tips for Successfully Onboarding New Employees

Maintaining new hires onboard can be one of the most difficult parts of hiring. We can help you find and hire the perfect candidate, but when it comes to keeping them in your company, that’s up to you. It starts with a successful onboarding experience. Before Day One Send Paperwork Once the employee accepts the… Read more »

How to Decide Between Great Candidates

Congratulations! Think about it: Having two awesome candidates to choose between for a position is a nice problem to have. It’s often hard to find a perfect hire, so having a choice is rare. However, when you do have this problem, it’s a very difficult choice. Now’s the time to ask yourself some difficult questions.… Read more »

5 Ways You Can Minimize Employee Burnout

Preventing employee burnout should be the number one concern to all managers. When employees are unable to be productive, the business suffers ultimately. Companies thrive when their employees do too. However, in the process of achieving company-wide success, stress among employees may lead to burnout. Difference Between Fatigue and Burnout? These terms are commonly used… Read more »