Resume Formats: What’s Best for You

There are so many ways you can format your resume. Resumes are like fingerprints. They’re unique to the individual and to the job you’re applying to. There are 4 standard types of resumes where your unique resume can start from: chronological, functional, combination, and targeted. 1. Chronological By far the most used resume format, chronological… Read more »

How to Use Keywords in Your Resume

What if there are magic words that could help hiring managers find your resume and spark their interest? Well, there are! The only catch, however, is that there are different magic words for every industry and you have to look for them. When you post your resume on job search engines like Monster, CareerBuilder, or… Read more »

Biggest Lies & What to Do When You Lie on Your Resume

You find the “perfect job.” It’s at a company you most admire, they have a great reputation, and the job is your dream! The only thing is you don’t exactly qualify or you have too many gaps in your employment that you’re embarrassed to even try with your “truthful” resume. So, what do you do?… Read more »

How to Ask Someone to Be a Job Reference

You’re probably thinking, “is it truly necessary to ask someone to be a reference?” “Hiring managers don’t actually have time to call ALL of the references that applicants submit.” Well, you’re probably right about that, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t call yours. And it won’t go over well for you if your references… Read more »

7 Phrases Your Cover Letter Should NEVER Say

Writing a cover letter is not an easy task. Sometimes you get engrossed in writing tips that you start to sound more like a robot in your writing. While it’s important to sound like a professional version of you and showcase parts of your personality in your writing, it’s crucial that you leave out these… Read more »