5 Tips for a Good Interview [Video]

Start the interview great to end it great! It’s about your presence and the way you talk about yourself that will determine the outcome of your interview… During your interview, hiring managers get to know you by the way you look and talk about yourself. In the video above, Chase interviews two “Chase” job seekers:… Read more »

All About The First Impression

One minute is all it takes. Psychologists have discovered that 50% of the interviewer’s decision is made within the first 30-60 seconds of an interview. 25% is made within the first 15 minutes. Making the best first impression is crucial to landing the job you want, so follow these tips to showcase the best you!… Read more »

How to Dress for Interview Success

55% of initial impressions – during interviews or otherwise – come from the way you dress. You should always dress your best for an interview and be cautious as to what your interviewer will assume about you based on your overall appearance. The last thing you want is the hiring manager thinking you’re unqualified for… Read more »

What To do Before the Interview

You’ve been chosen for an interview. You’ve jumped through all the hoops. You’ve made it to the final step. But now what? With such an intense process ahead of you, we’ve provided a list of tips to help you simplify the day of the interview. Before the interview, you should… Get some Sleep This is easier… Read more »