5 Ways You Can Minimize Employee Burnout

Preventing employee burnout should be the number one concern to all managers. When employees are unable to be productive, the business suffers ultimately. Companies thrive when their employees do too. However, in the process of achieving company-wide success, stress among employees may lead to burnout.

Difference Between Fatigue and Burnout?

These terms are commonly used interchangeably, but they are very different. Fatigue is the extreme to exhaustion. Fatigue is considered a short-term effect to productivity, but can be remedied. Burnout is the state of physical and mental collapse. Burnout is what leads to employee disengagement and turnover and is very hard to reverse.

Ways to Prevent Burnout

Fatigue is caused by factors outside of work whereas the main causes of burnout are workload and work environment. Here are ways to make sure your employees don’t experience burnout.

1. Define Concrete Roles and Expectations

Make sure everyone in your team has a specific description to their job and fully understands their role and the expectations of them.

2. Be Realistic & Flexible

When assigning a task to an employee, be sure to delegate an amount of work that is reasonable, not overwhelming. You should also be flexible enough to adjust goals if they are not attainable.

3. Provide Proper Equipment

Functioning equipment can make all the difference. Not only does ineffective equipment effect the employee’s performance, but management’s lack of response to a request for better equipment can cause the employee to feel helpless in their position.

4. Listen, Don’t Gossip

When an employee feels like they’re unheard, this can make them feel helpless and feel the need to move on from the job. Even when you do listen to each member of your team, it’s crucial that you take their concerns seriously. Spreading it around the workplace as gossip when the employee came to you in confidence will lead to worse problems!

5. Treat Everyone Equal

Feeling like another employee is favored more will further the burnout within members of your team. Giving special treatment will only hurt you as the employer.

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