How to Search for a New Job While Employed

No matter the reason for searching for a new job, you are doing it the right way by searching while you’re still employed. It’s always better to have an income while you’re looking for a switch instead of having a gap on your resume. First Rule in Job Search: Don’t Talk About It! This rule… Read more »

10 Habits of a Micromanager

In a previous blog, we explained the importance of developing your employees to reach their potential. One of the biggest activities that could negatively affect the progress of your employees is micromanagement. It’s important to know the signs and to follow the below steps to avoid becoming a tyrant over your employees. Signs You’re a… Read more »

6 Tips to Proofread Your Resume

Proofread your resume. It’s crucial for you to land an interview.  Now, are we insinuating that a hiring manager will trash your resume if you confuse “their” with “there?” Well, yeah! It’s because even one grammar mistake on your resume shows the hiring manager that you don’t care or are lazy. No one wants to… Read more »

Key to Successful Interview: Listening

If you thought going to an interview was about the hiring manager asking you questions and you doing the talking, there may have been some miscommunication. Interviews are not just about the hiring managers getting to know you, but also about you getting to know the company and the position. There’s more to the job… Read more »

8 Manageable Ways to Be Healthier at Work

Are you feeling tired or worn out easily in the afternoon? Do you go home with headaches, back aches, or other muscle pain? It might be one of two reasons. Either it’s from your job or it’s time to work on healthier habits at work. If it’s time for a job change, check out our… Read more »

Ways to Develop Employees to Reach their Potential

Going through the recruitment and hiring processes are time-consuming and stressful enough. You want to make sure your employees stay with your company. High turnover also doesn’t look good on you as an employer. This is why it’s very important to keep your employees engaged and further develop their skills, so they can take on… Read more »

Formatting Your Resume

Presentation is everything. The way you present yourself to a hiring manager is how they will perceive you. Your resume is your chance at a good first impression and compel the hiring manager to bring you in for an interview. However, if your resume is difficult to read or looks unprofessional, you might not even… Read more »

Interview DON’T: “No Call, No Show”

A “no call, no show” is when a person doesn’t notify a hiring manager or employer that they won’t be attending a scheduled interview or work day. This perhaps is one of the biggest annoyances of managers and can do a lot of damage to one’s professional image. The Damaging Results When you “no call,… Read more »

Boosting Your Productivity at Work This Summer

Ahh summer… when the sun shines bright and the beaches call your name. This season is always a little tougher to go to work because either your office is uncomfortably hot or you can’t stop daydreaming about summer activities. Just because you go into work doesn’t mean you’re being productive. Snap out of the daydream… Read more »