5 Tips to Improve your Internet Appearance

Always “dress for the job you want.” This not only applies to your physical appearance, but to your internet appearance. Social Media has become a basic part of our daily lives. From Facebook to Instagram, most people utilize at least one of the many social platforms. As social media evolves, so have employers. In a… Read more »

Navigating Types of Employment

Weeding through the online want ads and various job applications can be complicated. While there are many important factors to consider, it’s paramount to understand what type of employment opportunity is being offered and how that affects the position. Generally, there are four types of employment opportunities, and they all differ in key areas. For… Read more »

Advantages of Using a Recruiter to Find Your Next Job

When doing anything effectively, whether it’s building a bookshelf, fixing a car, or making a sculpture, it is helpful to use all of the resources available to you. The same goes for finding a job. One of the best resources for job hunting is enlisting the help of a recruiter. A recruiter’s number one job… Read more »