5 Tips for Updating Your Resume

With the New Year, it’s important to establish resolutions to help us better ourselves. Whether it’s resolving to lose weight or improving your skills professionally, simply establishing those goals provides us with the motivational tool to accomplish them. If your resolution this year is to find a job, then you’ve come to the right place.… Read more »

10 Tips for Interviewing Success

1) Do some basic research on the company or organization you are interviewing with. You should have some idea of the organization’s history, background, major successes, and products. All of this can be obtained by visiting their website, searching on Glassdoor, and doing a Google search. Bring a notepad to take notes. 2) Be prepared… Read more »

Building a Road Map for New-Hire Success

By Don Charlton, written for HR Insights For most people, achievement is relative: they don’t think they’ve achieved something until they believe they’ve reached their potential. To feel truly successful in a new role, they need to have a clear picture of where they are—and where they can go. So if you want your new hires… Read more »

Important Sections to Include on Your Resume

The design of your resume may be eye-catching for hiring managers. However, the most important question to ask yourself, does it answer questions that a hiring manager might have? In order to answer their questions, format your resume with these sections and key information. Contact Information It doesn’t matter if you sent your resume by… Read more »

5 Essentials to Bring to Every Interview

It’s not easy landing an interview, especially an interview from your dream company. It’s important that you come prepared to every interview, so you don’t sabotage your chances of landing the job. Here are some items to bring to every interview to make the best impression. 1. Several Copies of your Resume You should always… Read more »

How to Deal with Negativity at Work

As humans, we are naturally social and at work, we depend on our coworkers and the people we interact with every day to boost our mood and help us enjoy the work day. Nothing ruins morale more than negativity. Negativity saps people’s energy and affects the performance of everyone in the workplace. Overall, negativity in… Read more »

Strategies for Effective Communication with Employees

An attribute of a great leader is effective communication. Communication is about listening with our minds rather than just our ears. It’s also about coming up with the best words to send out the appropriate messages. Proper communication is crucial as an employer or else your employees work aimlessly and your business doesn’t reach its… Read more »

How to Format Your List of Job References

Every hiring manager is different. Some see asking for references as a formality, while others will call every contact you include on your reference list. While your list of references is no more than a list of contacts for the hiring manager to evaluate, the way it’s formatted can impact the way you are perceived… Read more »