5 Last-Minute Tips for a Last-Minute Interview

Congrats! You got a call from a hiring manager to schedule an interview. Bad news? The only time they could spare is this afternoon… You’re able to move around your schedule and leave work early for the interview. However, this leaves you with 30 minutes to an hour to prepare for the interview. Whatever you… Read more »

Answering the Unexpected Interview Question

No matter how much you prepare for an interview, there will be at least one or two questions that may be unexpected or completely off-the-wall. The best thing you can do is prepare for how you will handle the unexpected questions. When Answering Questions You Don’t Know the Answer Questions that you may not know… Read more »

10 Tips for Interviewing Success

1) Do some basic research on the company or organization you are interviewing with. You should have some idea of the organization’s history, background, major successes, and products. All of this can be obtained by visiting their website, searching on Glassdoor, and doing a Google search. Bring a notepad to take notes. 2) Be prepared… Read more »