5 Tips to Remain Calm During an Interview

It’s natural to feel nervous before an interview. However, when your nerves get the best of you during an interview, it can lead to mistakes during the interview and making a negative impression.

Whether it’s a small case of nerves or a panic attack in the middle of the interview, here are some tips to overcome this.

Be Prepared

This is a big way to prevent a panic attack in the middle of an interview is to prepare. By researching the company, rehearing interview questions, and writing down possible questions to ask the hiring manager, you will feel prepared to face anything from the hiring manager. This feeling will help ease your nerves and allow the conversation to run much more smoothly.

Be Positive

You got this! Think positive about the interview and you’ll have a great interview experience. Negativity and a cynical attitude can prevent you from expressing your major selling points. Even if you have to “fake it ‘til you make it,” having a positive attitude will boost your confidence.

Think of It as a Conversation

Instead of thinking “this is a life-changing job interview,” take a deep breath and enjoy the conversation getting to know each other. It could be difficult, but when you treat the hiring manager like a colleague that you’re getting to know, they will start to feel more of a positive connection and possibly be able to envision working with you.

Be an Active Listener

Stay engaged in the conversation. Listen to what the hiring manager asks and pay attention to their responses to your questions. Don’t focus on your nerves or how to handle your nervous energy. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation with the hiring manager.

Pace Yourself

Sometimes when you’re nervous, you’ll start breathing erratically or taking quick and shallow breathes. The hiring manager will notice your nervousness. Speak at your normal pace and breathe naturally. If you’re having trouble slowing down nervous breathing, take a deep breathe during a pause when you’re thinking about a response to a question. When you take a deep breathe, it will relax you and help you think more clearly.

Just remember that mistakes happen. You can’t always prevent it. However, if you proceed with confidence and professionalism, the hiring manager may see past a simple interview flub. If you end up not being picked for the job, know that there are always new opportunities popping up. Don’t give up on your search.

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