5 Things to Research for a Job Interview

Rehearsing your answers to basic interview questions and developing questions to ask for your interview is very important. However, doing research on the organization before the interview is your “ace in the hole.” When you do research, you gain further insight in what the company needs, so you can better articulate how you fit in… Read more »

6 Questions to Ask your Job Interviewer

One of the most important interview tips and the most overlooked is to ask questions. You can follow all of the interview tips out there, but if you don’t ask questions, the interviewer may think you’re not interested. When you ask questions during an interview, it shows you have interest in the company and the… Read more »

Hints and Suggestions for a Successful Interview

The first minute of the interview is critical! Psychologists have revealed that half of the interviewer’s decision is decided within the first minute of an interview. You must get off to a good start. Do this by being extremely aware of your body language and nonverbals (see below). Also, use the interviewer’s name and shake their hand.… Read more »

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

It’s always a good idea to prepare for an interview. Here are some commonly asked questions and prompts to help you prepare for your upcoming interview: -Tell me something about yourself. -How much experience do you have in the field that you are interviewing for? -Why are you leaving your current job? -What types of… Read more »