What’s the BEST Way to Close an Interview?

Many candidates will offer a great interview and then fail to close it properly. This is like baking a terrific cake and forgetting to put on the icing. The closing of your interview is the most memorable part not only because it comes at the end of your time together, but because you are able to interject your own personality, comments and questions into the conversation with the interviewer.

Ask Questions

You should be well prepared for the interview with questions of your own to show that you’re considering their company as much as they are considering you. You should ask questions that show you’ve paid attention to information in the interview and done research on your own before coming into speak to the interviewer. If the interviewer doesn’t ask for your questions, be sure to ask, “Do you mind if I ask you a few questions before we finish?”

Reinforce Your Attributes

When the interviewer makes a statement similar to, “If you have nothing else, that will be all,” offer a respectful closing comment reiterating your strengths and how they tie into the critical skills the company is seeking. Include four or five reasons why you qualify for the position and show your knowledge of the company in the process. “This is an exciting position and I know that my experience with teamwork will help me mesh well with the existing sales team, my industry knowledge will be useful in developing new leads and my time spent building industry contacts will help to solidify my client list almost immediately. The work I’ve done with your computer system will give me an advantage in that area as well.”

Alleviate Concerns

If you suspect the interviewers have any concerns about you as the right applicant, your next statements should alleviate those concerns. It is wise to give the interviewer a chance to state concerns so that you can address them, “I believe I’m the right candidate for this position. Do you see any issues that might make you think otherwise?”

Express Enthusiasm

Your enthusiasm for the position and company should be shining through during the interview process, but be sure to include a few direct positive remarks about the company and position as well.

Determine the Next Step

Be sure you ask for the next step in the hiring process. This will show you are an organized and professional candidate. If possible, establish a time frame for the hiring decision as this will give you critical information about how and when to follow up.

Thank the Interviewer

Finally, thank your interviewer graciously and stand to shake their hand. Keep confident eye contact during the handshake and walk out of the room knowing you’ve done well.

Send a Thank You note

ALWAYS send a thank you note to EVERYONE you met with during the process. There may be some debate as to whether you should email or send it by mail, but there is no debate on the importance of sending one. Remember not only to thank the interviewer, but also express your interest in the company and position.

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