5 Tips for a Good Interview [Video]

Start the interview great to end it great! It’s about your presence and the way you talk about yourself that will determine the outcome of your interview…

During your interview, hiring managers get to know you by the way you look and talk about yourself. In the video above, Chase interviews two “Chase” job seekers: one who seems right at home and doesn’t seem to know how to talk about himself in a professional manner and another who dressed for the job and spoke in concise detail, conveying confidence and professionalism. Here are some takeaways from the video for your next job interview.

Interview Takeaway #1: The Way You Dress Is Important

The way you present yourself in an interview defines how the hiring manager will see you. Your attire is a major part of the first impression that the hiring manager will have of you. Removing the “duct tape tie” and dressing a little more professional will allow the hiring manager to focus on your qualifications rather than being distracted by your appearance.

Interview Takeaway #2: You Can Speak Professionally without Sounding Robotic

You will never find interview advice that tells you to remove all parts of your personality when you go into an interview. Hiring managers want to learn more about you and see parts of your personality. No one is interested in working with a bland robot (with the exception of robotics technicians). You can sound professional without filtering out every part of your personality.

Interview Takeaway #3: Think About Your Body Language

When you’re sitting or walking into the interview, the hiring manager is watching to see how you act. If you are very casual or even not caring in your demeanor, then the hiring manager will assume you’re not that interested to do the job. It’s crucial that you treat the way you present yourself non-verbally seriously, so the hiring manager treats you as a serious candidate.

Interview Takeaway #4: Know How to Talk About Yourself

It’s important to really understand what the hiring manager is looking for in a job candidate, so you can talk about yourself properly. To do this, you need to look over the job description before you go in for your interview. You can learn more about “selling yourself” in a job interview here.

Interview Takeaway #5: Don’t Talk About Money Upfront

It’s pretty much a given that job seekers are looking for a nice paycheck in their next job. While the video is a bit of an exaggeration, our recruiters have had candidates solely interested in talking about the paycheck, which turns an interview into a conversation all about what the candidate wants. Let the hiring manager ask about your salary requirements. They need to know you can do the job first before taking about hiring and paying you.

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