What To do Before the Interview

You’ve been chosen for an interview. You’ve jumped through all the hoops. You’ve made it to the final step. But now what? With such an intense process ahead of you, we’ve provided a list of tips to help you simplify the day of the interview.

Before the interview, you should…

Get some Sleep

This is easier said than done, as jitters the night before an interview are common. But a good night’s sleep will make you more relaxed and energized during the day. If you’re unable to sleep, lying in bed and relaxing can also do wonders for your daytime endurance.

Eat Breakfast

The day of the interview is not the day to skip breakfast or to eat lightly. A normal-sized breakfast will help you focus and prevent your stomach from awkwardly growling during the interview.

Ease Up on the Coffee

You’ll want to feel energized, but too much coffee will make you feel and look jittery. You don’t want too much caffeine clouding your judgment or giving you the shakes.


A moderate workout the morning of an interview has been proven to energize you and allow you to think more clearly. You don’t want to do something too intense, but a quick workout will do the trick.

Lay Out & Iron your Clothes

Don’t let your outfit be the story of the interview. Take some time the night before to organize and iron an appropriate outfit for your interview. Ironing out any wrinkles will make you look pristine and professional.

Go to the Bathroom Before Leaving

This is self-explanatory, but you don’t want to feel uncomfortable before or during the interview.

Review any Notes in the Car

You should leave your home with plenty of time to arrive early to your interview. Sitting in the parking lot is a great time to do a last-minute cram session with your notes, reviewing your qualifications and questions you have for the interviewer.

Arrive No More than 15 Minutes Early

Your interviewer’s time is valuable, and arriving a half hour early doesn’t help your cause. Your interviewer will likely be doing other work and preparing for your interview leading up to your planned time. Arriving too early most likely leaves you sitting awkwardly in the lobby. No one wants that.

Respect the Receptionist

Leaving a good impression with the receptionist will only help your chances. Often, the hiring manager will ask the receptionist what he/she thought of you.

Accept or Decline Coffee or Water

Oftentimes, the receptionist or interviewer will ask if you’d like coffee or water. This isn’t a test, and they don’t want to see your table manners. If you want coffee or water, then accept it. If not, don’t sweat it. This is just a polite gesture by your interviewer.

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