Hiring Manager Pet Peeves: Interview Dos and Donts

The first impression is so important and mistakes in the interview or even before the interview can be detrimental to your chances of getting the job…

Hiring managers are dealing with job applicants all day, every day. Step into their shoes for a moment to think about how they might feel when you come into the interview. The people you meet with are incredibly important as they’ll decide your fate in the hiring process. Sounds a bit overwhelming, but the video above provides valuable advice.  Hopefully, you’re not obnoxious as the guys in the background of our video. Please pay no attention to them as Chelsea and Gerald cover the basics of not getting on the nerves of a hiring manager. Here’s what you should takeaway from the video.

Come Prepared

If you’re sitting in an interview feeling like you’re being interrogated and feeling flustered because you weren’t prepared for questions about you and your career, then YOU ARE NOT PREPARED. We have tons of Interview Tips to prepare you for those tough interview questions, so take the time to go through our blogs to better prepare yourself.

Have Updated Resumes with You

You should always have a printed version of your resume with you at the interview. Just in case the hiring manager has an outdated version of your resume, you have an updated version to provide. 5 Tips for Updating Your Resume

Keep Your References Updated

If you bring a list of references with you to the interview, those contacts should know you’re looking for a new job and should be properly prepared for a phone call from a hiring manager. See Tips for Preparing your Job References.

Do Your Research

When you’ve done your research, you’ll better articulate how you fit in the organization. Not doing so can result in awkward pauses or “I don’t know” answers to the hiring manager’s questions. It’s crucial that you investigate these 5 Things to Research for a Job Interview.


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