Chronological Resume Template (2018 – 2019)

Chronological Resume Template 2018 2019 Banner

Downloadable Resume Templates Links to download .DOC and .PDF versions of the template: Word .DOC Version .PDF Version Your Name Phone Number | Email Address Objective/Summary of Skills This is optional! If you are changing careers and your current experiences aren’t quite selling your talents, use this space to show off your skill set and… Read more »

Resume Writing: 4 Things To Remove From Your Resume Now!

Resume Writing Tips: 4 Things to Leave Off Your Resume

Figuring out what to put and how to phrase things on your resume can be intimidating. Sometimes the most difficult part is keeping it one page without looking too cluttered. To make this easier, here are 4 things to eliminate: Objective Statements Usually an objective statement starts out by saying “I’m looking for a job… Read more »

Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Candidate Interviews

In an interview, you only have a certain amount of time to get to know each and every face that walks through the door. You can only do so much with resumes, cover letters, and basic interview questions. It’s the overall interaction with the candidate that you’ll be able to gain information about who they… Read more »

Hiring Manager Pet Peeves: Interview Dos and Donts

The first impression is so important and mistakes in the interview or even before the interview can be detrimental to your chances of getting the job… Hiring managers are dealing with job applicants all day, every day. Step into their shoes for a moment to think about how they might feel when you come into… Read more »

8 Unconventional Qualities to Find in New Hires

Everyone is looking for those cliché traits to describe their ideal candidates (i.e. go-getter mentality). They’re nothing special and the result is a recipe for average candidates. Don’t work off of the same wish list as every company and look for these traits in your candidates 1.    Listening Skills It’s an overlooked and very important… Read more »