Keys to Writing a Successful Job Description

The best way to attract potential hires is through the job posting. When you work with our recruiters, we use your job description to give us insight on your expectations and needs, so we can find you the perfect candidate.

Let’s work together to fill your needed position. Create a clear-cut job description to help us better understand your overall expectations with the tips below.


If a job seeker can’t read or understand your job posting, then they will not apply to it. In order to find the best candidate for the position, you need to format the job posting in a way that is reader-friendly. Use headings and subheadings, such as description, requirements, etc., so it breaks up the posting into readable sections. Bullet points are also a great way to break up job descriptions. Use them when you list out job functions or requirements. Make sure there are no unnecessary spaces between sections or lines. Keep your job posting basic and leave out graphics or tables.

Job Functions & Requirements

Start out with the basic functions of the position. What will this person do to support this position? The list of responsibilities is the candidate’s first preview into your expectations for the job, so you want to be specific enough for them to understand. Go into as much detail about what the perfect candidate needs in order to support those functions (i.e. degree, years of experience.)

Purpose of the Position

Take a moment to think about why his position is needed within your organization. What do you want to happen as a result of hiring someone for the spot? Make sure to include a small paragraph of 3 to 4 sentences highlighting the purpose of the position. This allows the viewer to better understand your long-term expectations for the position.

Company Culture

Include a little description of what it’s like on a daily basis at your company. This gives the candidate and our recruiters the opportunity to evaluate whether or not the candidate will fit in with your company. If you are looking for a specific personality type, you should include that (i.e. “must have an out-going personality in order to fit in our social culture.”)

Finding the Middle Ground

You don’t want your job description to be too vague because you want the job seekers to have a firm grasp on the expectations for the job. However, if you are very specific about the details of the position, it may be overwhelming and can scare off potential hires. When you write the job description, include some specific detail, so the reader can get a basic understanding of your expectations without having to spend a long time reading the description.

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