Willingness to Learn: Free Apps for Career Development

You might have read several job descriptions that list “willingness to learn” as a job requirement or skill needed for a position. This is a major attribute that all employers are looking for. If you don’t have a lot of experience in your career, listing this on your resume as a skill can help. However, anyone can say they have the “willingness to learn.” Demonstrating a real-life example of how you continue to learn can help you stand out.

Learning a new language, keeping up with current events, and developing productivity skills are just a few examples to help you stand out in the interview.

From brain development to learning a new skill, here are some FREE apps to help.

News/Info Generators

It’s important to stay up-to-date with current events and with news in your industry. By doing this, you gain respect and can become a leader in your field. Download your favorite news station’s app. Flipboard and StumbleUpon are great apps to customize what types of articles you want to read. Choose from a variety of interests and industries.

Podcasts are an excellent way to keep up with industry happenings by listening on your commute or while at work. For all types of smartphones, you can download a podcast app. Search by topic/interest to find podcasts to keep you informed and continue your learning within your career field. There are also motivation and self-improvement speakers to motivate you on your way to work.

Brain Challengers

Improve yourself with apps that challenge your brain and help you learn new skills that can benefit your career.

  • Luminosity is an easy and free app that helps exercise your learning and memory skills. You can even replace your game app with Luminosity. Through games, this app stretches your brain and keeps your mind healthy and active. Play some games during your lunch break or after work for a casual brain workout.
  • Learn a new language with DuoLingo. Choose from a variety of languages to learn. This free app includes speaking, writing and reading exercises to help you learn a language. It’s also an added benefit to be able to add another language to your resume!

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These apps and more are available for free in your app store. Try them out to develop your passion for learning and stand out in your next interview.

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