5 Tips to Work through Job Search Writer’s Block

From writing cover letters to tailoring your resume for different job applications, you’ll be doing a lot of writing during your job search. You may consider yourself a great writer and this might not bother you as much as it would others, but what would you do when you come down with the dreaded writer’s block?

That moment when you are motivated and start typing, but your mind blanks on what you could possibly say is called writer’s block.

Here’s what to do when you experience writer’s block:

Get in the Writing Mood

Find a place where you are most productive and creative, whether it be a noisy coffee shop or a quiet spot in your home. You can even get in the mood by doing some exercise or going for a run to release your endorphins and get your thoughts flowing.

What’s Your Career Goal?

Start off by writing down your goal for applying to the job. What do you want to get out of the job? Are there skills or experiences you want to gain from this? Once you figure this out, it will be easier to write in support of that goal.

Free Write & Cluster

Just start writing. Write what you know you want to include. You can even start writing about something not related to the job search. The act of writing will kick start your thought process and warm up your brain. If nothing comes to mind, start writing about your day or what’s in the room around you.

Another way to start is by clustering words together. Make a list of keywords and phrases you may include on your cover letter or resume, such as words that describe your career or positions. Then, write as many words that are associated with those keywords. This will help you to form ideas.

Don’t Try So Hard

If being clever or funny doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t try to start now. That which may sound funny to one person may come off as cheesy or offensive to someone else. Always shoot for a professional or conversational tone in your writing.

Switch Projects or Take a Break

Sometimes writer’s block is just a sign that you are overworking yourself. It may be a sign that your brain wants to take a break. It may even be time to work on something else while you rest your mind and continue writing later.

Give Yourself a Deadline

You might even need some added motivation to finish writing a cover letter or reformatting a resume. Set yourself a date and a time that you want it done. This deadline will motivate you to space out your time… or at least finish it right before the deadline.

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