Screening Candidates for Cultural Fit

You can certainly sum up a candidate’s experience by the contents of their resume, but you won’t be able to determine their cultural fit until a face-to-face interview. This is one of the reasons why d. Diversified Services meets with every candidate before submitting them to our clients. We want to make sure we provide candidates that meet your technical standards as well as blend with your organization’s culture.

This blog provides detailed tips to determine for yourself whether the candidate we choose for you is the right fit within your organization.

6 Questions to Ask

Can you tell me about a time you didn’t know how to do something and how you overcame it?

Whether you work in a slow-paced or fast-paced environment, it’s important to find candidates who have the capability to learn on the job. It’s also important that your employees are continuous learners, so your business can continue to grow. Asking this question will showcase the candidate’s problem-solving techniques and whether or not they can think on their feet.

What is teamwork to you?

A business thrives on some level of teamwork. This question helps focus on whether or not this candidate can work well with your employees. You can even invite appropriate team members to the interview. Different perspectives of your team can better focus on the right person for the job.

What can your hobbies tell me about you that your resume can’t?

The activities people do outside of work can tell you a lot about their personality. This question opens the door for the candidate to tell you about their personal interests and how they relate back to their personality.

How many pennies could fit in this room?

Use this question or make up a silly question of your own. The point of this question is to throw the candidate off and watch as they use their critical thinking skills. The way they respond or react to the crazy question is a reflection of the way they may react to a crazy situation.

What personality traits in others challenge you?

We all know the type(s) of people we don’t necessarily get along with or we have an example of someone that we don’t work well with. The candidate’s answer to this question can tell you whether or not they will fit in with the current blend of personalities.

What are you passionate about?

The best candidates are those whose passion align with that of your company’s mission. Make sure you follow up with a “why?” You want to make sure that their response is genuine and not prepared for the interview.

Why Cultural Fit is Important

Your employees are what shape your business. Their personalities and values are what shape the culture and new employees can modify or even change that culture. Matching the right candidates to your culture is the key to the long-term success of your organization.

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