How to Use Keywords in Your Resume

What if there are magic words that could help hiring managers find your resume and spark their interest? Well, there are! The only catch, however, is that there are different magic words for every industry and you have to look for them.

When you post your resume on job search engines like Monster, CareerBuilder, or even in our database, one effective way to help recruiters find you is by including keywords in your resume.

Finding Keywords

Keywords are descriptor words that can be found in job postings. The trick here is to find multiple job descriptions that relate to the position you’re looking for and pick out common terms and phrases used. The more job descriptions you use for this the better. You want to make a list of industry buzzwords, any required or preferred skills, etc. that they have in common.

How to Choose

Now that you have your list of keywords, choose words that pertain to you and your career thus far. Pick out keywords that are specific and closely related to the position you want. Use a variety of keywords and don’t just stick with those specific to one area of your career. Make sure you are emphasizing the type of job you want with the appropriate keywords. Don’t include keywords for the position you had, but don’t want to pursue.

Implementing Keywords

Once you have picked out what keywords to use, place them in your resume where they make sense. While it might seem appropriate to just list them all at the top, it looks too obvious. Spread them out across the entirety of your resume. Add them to all sections that seem appropriate. Use as many keywords as you can find, but don’t stuff your resume with keywords. You want your resume to make sense.

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