8 Common Resume Mistakes

If a resume gets you an interview and the interview gets you the job, then logically, a resume is crucial to your job search. However, a resume with mistakes, will likely land your application in the trash bin.

1.  Too Long

Length is the first thing a hiring manager will look at. Generally, a resume should be no longer than one page. This is especially true for someone with less than 10 years of relevant experience. As you grow in your career, you can expand your resume to two pages.

2.  Lack of Formatting

The way your resume looks is just as important as the information filling it. Having a well-organized and easy-to-read structure will help ensure the hiring manager takes the time to read the information. Be sure to look out for inconsistencies in spacing, usage of different font types, use of bold and underlined text, and how bullet points line up.

3.  Poor Style

When reading, the first place the average person looks is the top left corner, scanning down the left side. Put your most relevant information at the top of your resume and be sure to write in a professional tone. Make your resume unique – don’t just use a common template.

4.  Uses Gimmicks

Don’t use tricks like fancy graphics or over-the-top fonts to set your resume apart. Stick with a clean look and commonly used fonts. You can use a dark color other than black for your headers and name at the top if your resume to stand out, but you need to let your experiences be what the hiring manager remembers.

5.  Too Much Text

No one like clutter! Don’t stuff your resume with too much text and not use enough white space. White space helps guide the reader to important information.

6.  Unprofessional Content

Including information that isn’t relevant to the job you’re applying to is a huge error. For instance, don’t include your “sandwich artist” experience from high school when you’re applying for a job as a financial analyst. You should also leave out unprofessional email addresses as your contact information. Having “sweetiepie@gmail.com” on your resume will likely get it omitted instantly. Instead, make an official job search email that includes just your name in the address.

7.  Typos and Grammatical Errors

Read over your resume several times and have someone else look it over, too. Never, under any circumstances, should an error be on your resume. 6 Tips to Proofread Your Resume

8.  It includes the phrase “references available upon request.”

You know you have references, and your employer knows you have references. They will ask for them when the time comes. Including this phrase takes up valuable space.

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