How to Calm your Nerves Before the Interview

We’ve all been there. You go in for an interview for a job you really hope to get. You’re excited and nervous. You’re prepared, but still very nervous. You feel like everything is on the line for this interview.

Take some time out before you get ready for your interview to combat your nerves with these simple steps:

Close your Eyes and Deep Breaths

If you’ve read books on meditation, you’ll know that mediation is scientifically proven to calm your senses and help you focus. Even just utilizing yoga breathing technique can help. If you haven’t tried, here’s a 2 minute exercise.

1. First, sit down (or lay down) on a flat surface like the floor. Sit in a comfortable position or lay down on your back with your legs uncrossed.

2. Second, close your eyes.

3. Next, hold your arms out palms facing down and gently lower them in front of you. Let them land where they land and feel your muscles relax.

4. Finally, take 3 deep breaths. Take the time to inhale and exhale, focusing on your breathing. On your last exhale, gently open your eyes.

Do a Small Workout

You don’t have to go to the gym or take up a yoga class the morning before your interview. Even a short 15 minute workout can give you just enough of an endorphin rush to help you focus and relax. A good amount of cardio, strength exercise and stretching will improve your outlook of the upcoming interview and give you a boost of energy.


Hold a Superman Pose and Visualize Success

According to social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, your body language and posture can impact the way you feel and behave. To take advantage of this, hold the Superman pose for 2 minutes. Put your fists on your hips with elbows out and push your chest out. Spread your legs shoulder width apart and look slightly upward. While you do this pose, visualize yourself successful in your interview. Imagine yourself acing the interview and even the interviewer offering you the job before you leave. This will lighten the load on your nerves and add confidence to your interview tool belt.

Smile Big

Put a smile on your face. Just like posing as Superman, smiling can trick your brain and make you feel happier. It’s an easy “pick-me-up” when you’re not feeling confident. If you can’t force yourself to smile, put a pencil between your teeth and hold the smile. (NOTE: Remove the pencil before you leave for the interview.) You’ll notice a difference.

Along with these tips, practice, practice, practice! Review commonly asked interview questions to keep your brain fresh with ideas for your answers. Follow these tips and you’ll go to the interview with confidence. And don’t worry if you still feel a little nervous. Having a small amount of nervous energy is actually good and will keep you energized.

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