Job Seeker FAQ

What’s the process to help me find a better position?

First, take some time to check out our open positions. All of our openings are posted, unless confidential. If you see something that fits your skills and background, apply and upload your resume. Please submit your resume even if you don’t see a position on our website. We get new openings daily.

After the application is submitted, you may be contacted by one of our recruiters for an interview in our office. In the interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss what vocational skills you have and what you are looking for in your next position. The recruiter will discuss not only what specific skills you have, but also find out more about your experiences in job-related settings.

Once you have completed the interview, there may be testing depending on the position and the client. We also do background tests and you may be asked to participate in a drug test.

If you qualify for a job we have open, the recruiter will either send you to work with the client or schedule an interview with managers at the company, depending on the client’s contract with us.

Will I have to come to your office?

In most cases, yes. Our brand promise is to meet and interview 100 percent of all candidates within a 50-mile radius of our Michigan Staffing Office. If timing is such that you can’t come to our office, we will meet you at a convenient off-site location. Here are directions to our office.

How soon can I start working?

That depends on many factors. Job availability changes daily.. The dynamics include: wage requirements, distance you can drive, job title desired, environment you’re looking for, preferred shift and if you’re willing to consider contract or direct positions. The higher the position, the longer the process is going to take. Don’t worry! We will be working with you during the entire process.

What if I am not interested in a certain position when it is offered? Is it all right to turn it down?

Not every job is going to meet the expectations you have. If you are not interested in a position, you are free to decline. We will continue to offer positions to you based on your skills and preferences.

What if I am on an assignment and decide it is not for me?

We realize that not every job is a good fit for you; sometimes you do not know that until you have tried the position. If you are on an assignment and find it is not going to work for you, we ask that you contact us immediately. You may be asked to stay at an assignment long enough for us to find a replacement, but we will attempt to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. As with any interaction, communication is the key. We expect open communication from our field employees and they can expect the same from our office.

Why should I work with d. Diversified Services?

We have relationships with many of the best employers in Michigan & the Metro Detroit area. Our team has many years of experience, so we know what we’re doing and we’ll minimize the time your job search takes.

What do I pay for your services?

As an applicant, you won’t pay for any service we provide.

How can I stay informed about open positions?

All of our positions will be posted on our careers page. You can also find our jobs on Indeed, Zip Recruiter and Facebook. You can also set up an account to get alerts for new jobs posted to our site.