Job Hunting Tips for the Holidays

Just a few days until Christmas; you’re bound to be traveling, visiting family and shopping. These breaks from school and work can be the relaxation you need. If you’re looking for a new position, here are some tips for job hunting around the holidays.

Best Time to Search

At the end of the year, many companies establish next year’s budget and recruit people to start in January. If you take a break during the holidays and restart your search in January, it may be too late. While many job seekers are in the holiday mood, the competition is less intense.

Interview Ice Breaker

Setting common ground at the beginning of your interview with an ice breaker can help you establish rapport. The topic of the holidays is an easy and natural ice breaker because everyone around this time of year is experiencing similar feelings, such as making plans for the holidays. Just be sure not to complain too much about being busy. It may display the wrong impression, such as lack of time management skills.

Job Status at Events

At gatherings when you are catching up with people, work is bound to come up, so casually explain that you are currently looking for a new opportunity. Your friends and family may not know that you are looking and might have the perfect opportunity in their company or know someone looking to hire.

Holiday Cards

Sending a card around the holidays is a great gesture to keep in touch with your family and friends, so why not send one to the person that interviewed you last month?  Be sure to include a brief reminder of who you are, your last interaction and maybe a business card. It’s friendly gesture that might nudge the decision to hire you.


The holidays are a great time for catching up with lost connections, such as college roommates, high school buddies, old co-workers, and former bosses. If you are really close with them, make plans to meet up for coffee or drinks. If not, then send them a greeting card. You never know what might be the outcome of your re-connection.

Networking Surprises

Networking is not just held at social events or through social media. You could meet a future colleague or employer in line at the store or sitting across the aisle on the plane ride. Making casual conversation with the people around you is great networking practice. Start out easy with natural conversations, such as the weather, traffic or even holiday craziness. Just be conscious of body language and don’t take things personal when some people may not want to talk.

Stock Up!

If you’re a Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday shopper, spend some time looking at some deals for business apparel, too! You never have enough work attire and it’s always good to have options for interview attire. It’s a great time to stock up for your next interview!

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