5 Tips to Improve your Internet Appearance

Always “dress for the job you want.” This not only applies to your physical appearance, but to your internet appearance.

Social Media has become a basic part of our daily lives. From Facebook to Instagram, most people utilize at least one of the many social platforms. As social media evolves, so have employers. In a recent article, Forbes explained that about 3 in 5 companies use social media to review job applicants.

The Best Foot Forward

Expressing yourself is not a bad thing. Employers want to get a sense of who you are as a person, beyond your resume and professional accomplishments. However, there can be a fine line between expressing yourself and showcasing negative attributes. Here are some tips to make sure your social media platforms are “employer friendly”

Profile Photos

The first thing your future employer will see is your photos. When you look at your photos ask yourself, “What do I want my future boss to see?” Make sure your first impression is positively reflected in your profile photo, cover photo and in all of your albums.

Work Talk

An important aspect employers are looking for is how you are as a person and as their future brand advocate. A brand advocate is someone who positively promotes a company’s brand and reflects their core values.  For this reason, stay away from talking bad about your workplace and co-workers, especially if you list the company name on your profile. When employers see you negatively talking about your current company, boss or co-workers, they see you doing this if they hire you. Many companies have implemented social media guidelines and have posted them on their website. Take a look at those for further ideas to become their brand advocate.


Refrain from profanity and vulgar language. Also, make sure your posts are free of typos or grammar errors. Leaving out the sailor talk and knowing the difference between there, their and there can help you land your next job.

Friending Mom & Dad

Your parents are your biggest supporter…and your biggest critic. Add your parents on your social media and see what they say. If you can’t share posts or photos with your parents, then it probably shouldn’t be on social media.

Privacy isn’t Private

The internet isn’t private. No matter how you set up your posts or profile, whether it’s “just friends” or public, everyone has the ability to view your posts and profile. If it’s something meant to be seen privately, then don’t post it.

You don’t have to completely wipe down your social media pages because companies want to hire real people. The bottom line is that you should be conscious about what you broadcast on the internet. This can help you land your next job opportunity!

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