How to Deal with Negativity at Work

As humans, we are naturally social and at work, we depend on our coworkers and the people we interact with every day to boost our mood and help us enjoy the work day. Nothing ruins morale more than negativity. Negativity saps people’s energy and affects the performance of everyone in the workplace. Overall, negativity in… Read more »

Tips for Building Relationships with Your Co-workers

Whether you are new to the organization or want to get to know the people you work with more, it’s important to foster relationships with your colleagues. Benefits of a Good Relationship with your Co-Workers As humans are naturally social, we feel the need to bond with the people around us. So as a result… Read more »

8 Tips for Balancing Work & Life

It’s not a myth that balancing work life and personal life makes people happier and more productive overall. It’s a satisfying feeling when all aspects of your life are balanced. Manage your overall work/life balance with these tips. Just remember, it may not be the easiest of adjustments, but they are worth it. Schedule your… Read more »

Political Talk at Work & How to Handle It

You can’t escape talk of this year’s presidential race. It’s all over the news, the Internet, and in retail stores. It’s even at the watercooler at work. With one of the more controversial presidential elections in decades, it might seem that the conversation can’t be avoided. However, there are many ways to handle the political… Read more »

5 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand

When you think of a brand, you might think of your favorite brand of clothes, food, or even technology. However, a brand is more than that. It can be anything… a symbol, name, reputation, tone, or even an emotion. Job seekers and other professionals can learn from “brands” because they are recognizable and separate themselves… Read more »

Job Search & Politics: Tips to Steal from Presidential Candidates

It’s an election year and the presidential race is now narrowing down to the top candidates. In an episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” we made a logical comparison of the presidential race and interviewing for a job when Jimmy Fallon said to Donald Trump, “I mean, you’re running for the biggest job… Read more »