Employers: when should you consult a staffing agency?

With the economy growing and the unemployment rate slowly diminishing, finding quality people to hire is getting more difficult. Hiring employees can be a hit or miss. You might even have a job posting up for several months before you receive a good candidate. In most cases, it’s in your best interest to hire through… Read more »

Job Search & Politics: Tips to Steal from Presidential Candidates

It’s an election year and the presidential race is now narrowing down to the top candidates. In an episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” we made a logical comparison of the presidential race and interviewing for a job when Jimmy Fallon said to Donald Trump, “I mean, you’re running for the biggest job… Read more »

What Recruiters Want You to Know about Getting a Job

By Chelsea Hancock, Social Media Specialist at d. Diversified Services Chelsea Hancock manages the social media platforms, our website and writes blogs. Hired in October 2015 and being new to the world of staffing and recruiting, she has developed an outsider’s perspective on what candidates should know before they begin the job search process.  Remember… Read more »

3 Things Candidates Really Want to Know about Your Company

Whether they are very interested or unsure about the opportunity to work for your company, most candidates have an impression about your company before the initial interview. Nowadays, candidates have resources, like Glassdoor, to be able to research your company before they even meet you. For this reason, it’s important to “sell” your company. Explain… Read more »

5 Things to Research for a Job Interview

Rehearsing your answers to basic interview questions and developing questions to ask for your interview is very important. However, doing research on the organization before the interview is your “ace in the hole.” When you do research, you gain further insight in what the company needs, so you can better articulate how you fit in… Read more »

6 Questions to Ask your Job Interviewer

One of the most important interview tips and the most overlooked is to ask questions. You can follow all of the interview tips out there, but if you don’t ask questions, the interviewer may think you’re not interested. When you ask questions during an interview, it shows you have interest in the company and the… Read more »

How to {RETAIN} your Best Employees

In the constant search for talent, don’t forget about the potential in your own organization. You might be overlooking talented individuals that are already in your company and these employees might be searching for other better-looking opportunities. Uncover the potential and motivate your employees. With these tips, you’ll not only minimize resignation letters, but you… Read more »