How to Answer: “What’s the Biggest Challenge you had to Overcome?”

Interviews are meant to present a hiring manager the opportunity to get to know and better understand you as a professional. It also gives you the best opportunity to demonstrate what makes you great for the company and for the position. A common interview question is “What’s the biggest challenge you had to overcome?” The… Read more »

Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and better yet, recognized for their hard work. When you recognize your employees and show your appreciation for their hard work, productivity increases and your reputation as an employer improves. Also, companies who recognize their employees experience a lower turnover rate. Here are some awesome ways to show your appreciation… Read more »

Tips for Preparing your Job References

The resume and cover letter are important aspects to any job application. However, the list of references is sometimes overlooked, but a very impactful piece to an application. There’s more to references than putting down contacts of people who have worked with you in the past. Here are tips to help you prepare contacts for… Read more »

8 Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

Chances are you will or have already participated in a phone interview. Many companies and recruiters use phone interviews as an initial screening before an in-person interview. You might even have one if the company is out-of-state or in a different country. In a phone interview, you have two assets: your voice and your preparation.… Read more »

5 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand

When you think of a brand, you might think of your favorite brand of clothes, food, or even technology. However, a brand is more than that. It can be anything… a symbol, name, reputation, tone, or even an emotion. Job seekers and other professionals can learn from “brands” because they are recognizable and separate themselves… Read more »

Internal or Agency Recruiting?

The difference between in-house and staffing agency recruiting. Let’s start with a story. One of our recruiters, Kandace, took on a client who needed to fill a top management position. After talking with the client and discussing the position and their requirements, she set out to find someone to fit the description provided by the… Read more »

How to Answer: “Why did you Leave your Last Job?”

Anybody who has had a job has been asked a form of this question, “Why did you leave your job?” If you left because of something dissatisfying, it’s easy to share information that would emit a negative vibe. The negative vibe won’t sit well with the interviewer. Why they want to know There are 3… Read more »