10 Things You Should Know About Job References

If you’re looking for a job, you’re bound to be asked to supply a list of references. This task might seem daunting, but the endorsements you receive from quality references are invaluable to landing a great job. To help you understand creating a list of references, here are some commonly asked questions about job references.… Read more »

Top 5 Soft Skills & How to Evaluate Them Before Hire

It’s important to find the right candidate to fit the role as well as the company’s culture. It’s not only about the candidate’s personality and technical skills, but their soft skills are a very important aspect in determining whether the candidate will fit in within your company. Behavioral prompts and questions are designed and used… Read more »

The Importance of Writing a Cover Letter

Whether it’s on job sites, like CareerBuilder, or company pages that have a job board, you have had to fill out applications online. When you apply online, you’ll notice that attaching a resume is required, but attaching a cover letter is usually “optional.” While this might be an optional aspect of the application, experts express… Read more »

Tips for Writing a Thank You Note after the Interview

Landing an interview for your dream job is a big deal. Show your appreciation and continuing interest in the position by reaching out in a thank you note. Email vs. Handwritten Many hiring managers have different opinions on this subject. Email seems to be the preferred method of communication, since mailing a handwritten note will… Read more »

The Top 5 Candidate Complaints about the Hiring Process

BY SHARLYN LAUBY, written for HR Insights As the labor market continues to become more competitive, companies are shifting their focus to the candidate experience. Organizations have always placed importance on their employment brand and what job seekers think about the business. However, it’s clear that today’s candidates have options, and companies need to step… Read more »