Interview DON’T: “No Call, No Show”

A “no call, no show” is when a person doesn’t notify a hiring manager or employer that they won’t be attending a scheduled interview or work day. This perhaps is one of the biggest pet peeves for a manager and can do a lot of damage to one’s professional image.

The Damaging Results

When you “no call, no show” to an interview, it may not seem that damaging. However, you might not realize how it reflects on you and your ability to get a job. Not calling and/or skipping out on an interview leads the interviewer to doubt your professionalism and will taint their opinion of your reputation.

Depending on who you interview with, this reputation record can be seen by either that company or several of that companies customers. For example, our company provides information about job seekers to not only other recruiters within our agency, but also our clients. You skip out on one interview and you could be blacklisted not just from one company, but several others.

How to Make Up for It

If it was a mistake, then own up to it and call the hiring manager IMMEDIATELY to explain what happened and apologize. You may not be able to reschedule the interview, but at least the hiring manager may understand your reason for not showing up.

If it was not a sincere mistake and you did this intentionally, don’t bother calling with a sob story to make up for it. You wasted the hiring manager’s time and you’ll be wasting your time lying to convince them that it was a mistake. At this point, there’s nothing you can do, but hope that you get a second chance at another job.

How to Avoid It

The only way to avoid all of this is by showing up for your scheduled appointment on time. Most hiring managers recommend arriving 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Especially if the interview is in a complicated building, this gives you enough time to find the place, so you aren’t considered late.

Can’t make it to the interview? Call the hiring manager immediately. Click here for Tips to Reschedule an Interview.

Think it might not be the right job for you? Call or email the interviewer to let them know and give them a reason for canceling. You may even find out from that phone call that the hiring manager has another job that would be better suited for you.

Whatever you do, don’t skip out on an interview without notifying the hiring manager.

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