It was a pleasant and informative experience when I met with Kandace and Dezire to have my initial interview. They were able to present me with three really great opportunities, and to answer all of the many questions I had. I wish I had been aware of d Diversified Services several months ago!

Jon B.

Melonie was very accommodating from the beginning. She made arrangements so that I could meet with her at her office and still get to my current job on time. She assisted me by providing information about the client and provided tips to make sure my interview was a success. She also kept me informed on the status of the hiring process without me having to chase her all over creation, like I’ve had to do with so many other recruiters.

Blayne L.

My recruiter, Kandace, was very professional, representing her corporate client well while at the same time trying to look after my interests including providing advice. She was upfront, responsive and quite friendly, which made me feel comfortable throughout the recruiting process. I especially liked that she cut to the chase during the initial phone interview, scheduling me for a face-to-face the next day; that helped expedite the process. (I also appreciated that d Diversified is local which made the F-to-F possible.) In short, it was a pleasure working with Kandace, and from that experience I came away with a very good impression of d Diversified, including their office setting in Southfield. BTW, I did get the job.

Richard B.

d. Diversified has yet to supply me with a resume that would NOT fit our needs. Besides accurately matching candidates’ skills with our positions, d.Diversified has a canny way of recommending personalities that fit our corporate culture very well and thus laying the basis for lasting success stories.

Chris J.

A friend had asked me recently if I knew of any current career opportunities that I may have heard of. I immediately thought of the company that I used to find my current career as a resident engineer. The company is d. Diversified, and my career advisor is Marianne Napp. I told my friend of my difficult circumstance at the time and the quick and professional manner in which Marianne helped me. She took the time to find out about who I am, not just what I wanted to do. I told her that I really liked my current position and it was a struggle for me to decide what my future should be. She listened and took action to find a company that would benefit from my skill set and one that met my needs. I have been with my current company for almost 4 years now. l recently called Marianne to thank her for helping me improve my situation. I consider her a friend and would not hesitate to recommend her to my colleagues and friends.

Kurt C.