Light Industrial

This team brings over 20 years of recruiting and staffing knowledge. Our specialties include rework, packaging, inspection, logistics and manufacturing. We specialize in many areas and are one of the leading light industrial staffing agencies in Metro Detroit, providing clients with top talent and qualified candidates with rewarding light industrial jobs.

dDS can be on-demand for our customers for a day project or long-term assignment. You will have direct contact with our account manager 24/7 to help assist you when the occasion arises. We know all of our temporary employees, and we know exactly who’s on call for assignments each day, so we can avoid shortfalls in quantity and quality—satisfying our clients’ needs every time.

Based on job size, we can also provide on-site supervisors to work with our clients’ HR group. This can prevent customer problems before they occur. Our firm also works closely with community organizations to strengthen our candidate base.

Call our Orientation Hotline to get started: 248-633-6607