Information Technology (IT)

We offer IT staffing services for clients seeking highly qualified technical engineers, programmers, and hardware and software specialists.
Just a few of the areas in which we work include:

  • technical engineering
  • software application development
  • network and systems management
  • database development
  • IT consulting
  • technical writing
  • software testing
  • and many others

The software packages, operating systems, coding skills, and programming languages in which our highly qualified IT staffing candidates are expert include C, C++, XML, HTML, SQL, Linux, Unix, .NET, and a myriad of others. Additionally, our IT recruiting and staffing specialists are intimately familiar with the industry and assess each candidates technical skills prior to submittal.

For the highly skilled IT professional looking for new opportunities, and for the employer looking for the perfect fit for that IT staffing need, dDS is the place to start finding your talent.