Legal Case Studies

Fortune 300 Company Relies on Diversified Legal to Conduct Relevancy and Privilege Reviews:

This national company utilizes Diversified Legal attorneys and paralegals to review discovery documents, no matter where the case is filed. Our professionals work under the supervision of outside counsel and either access documents hosted by outside counsel or perform their review at a local E-discovery vendor after the documents have been processed and loaded onto a review platform. Outside counsel either has or is given access to the documents and is able to perform QC on the fly for the most efficient outcome. This company has saved up to 65% on certain reviews.

Diversified Legal Plays Important Role in Large-Scale Class Action Lawsuit:

Diversified Legal staffed three document reviews that were part of a class-action lawsuit filed against seven similarly situated entities in the Detroit area. Because our clients were all defendants in the lawsuit, we were able to transfer the knowledge gained from prior reviews to subsequent reviews and use many of the same licensed attorneys. This proved to be very beneficial as the case involved complex legal issues and voluminous discovery. Each review team was assigned a team leader who acted as a liaison between outside counsel and the team of attorneys. Collectively, our clients saved millions of dollars using Diversified attorneys for this case.

Medium-Sized Law Firm Uses Diversified Legal to Assist With Discovery Portion of Large Case in Order to Maintain Staffing Equilibrium among Associates:

A mid-sized firm needed to prepare to take a very large case to trial. This case involved millions of pages of discovery that had to be reviewed for relevancy and privilege purposes. One option for the firm would have been to pull five associates from the current projects they were working on and ask them to begin reviewing the documents for the large case. This would have negatively impacted the workflow of these projects and caused increased costs to the various clients by having more experienced associates or even partners get up to speed on the existing work. Instead, the firm hired five very experienced document reviewers from Diversified Legal. These attorneys were up to speed in no time and worked the case up to trial. The firm was able to add a premium to the amount it was billed and earn a decent profit on each hour worked by the temporary attorneys, while still saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars versus the cost of its associates.

International Automotive Components Manufacturer Insources Discovery Using Diversified Legal Attorneys:

This very lean law department processes its own e-data and loads the documents on its own system in order to perform the relevancy and privilege review during the discovery phase of litigation. At times, outside counsel is called in to supervise the review, depending on the nature of the litigation or investigation. At other times, the supervision is done by in-house counsel. They have negotiated a preferred provider hourly rate with Diversified Legal that is reduced once certain benchmarks are met in terms of number of hours worked per project. This company has saved in the hundreds of thousands of dollars since initiating the insourcing.